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The Way of Matter at Objectspace Gallery 2016

The Way of Matter at Objectspace Gallery 2016

This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to be part of the annual show, previously titled 'Best in Show' at Objectspace Gallery in Auckland. It is a national survey of new practice from the fields of contemporary art, craft, applied art and design, curated by new director Kim Paton.

I was excited when I heard the title of the show, as last year I had discovered the writings of Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett. Thinking about the concept of all matter as a lively reverent substance as opposed to being divided into dead or alive, was what was underpinning the material exploration I had subconsciously already begun embarking upon...
And so "craft procedure and technique afterall, are tools to bridge mind and matter, projecting ideas into the material." 1

1 Brownell, Blaine. Matter in a Floating World: Princeton Architectural Press, 2011

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