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Within this skin (2017/2018)

What we may perceive as solid or unchanging, is vacillating all around us. Beyond the seasons, beyond our awareness, things are changing faster than we can perceive. Environmental events that cannot be reversed are influenced by our own action or inaction.
Within whichever skin you reside, what would it mean to physically carry one’s own personal material responsibility in this world? What if each day we had to bear ecological fragilities to be made aware of them? It is significant that these forms have been moulded on a human body enabling wearers to walk in the shoes of mother earth, feeling her weight of sacrifice and damage she bears in the name of ‘progress’ and globalisation.
This body of work engages with the delicate balance between increasing wandering polar jet stream patterns and current climate change ramifications. The act of repair as a catalyst for cultivating care converges within this environmental theme.

To see an audio visual evolution of this project in 2019 please click here

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