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Splore (2019)

Within This Skin 2019 collaboration
A decision to evolve Within This Skin from Handshake Project exhibitions in 2017/18 into an outdoor installation resulted in a collaborative with audio visual producer Mikel Hoyle. Soundscape and projected moving image was introduced with the intention to bring crafted objects to life.

By engaging with the delicate push-pull between increasingly wandering polar jet stream patterns and climate change, this installation places participants within the wider context, giving the sensorial experience of being part of the amazing seen and unseen world we call home.

Sculpturally formed breastplates made from recycled organic material are suspended in space - like canvases for the impermanence of light and movement, while rendered polar jet stream patterns and other shapes are projection mapped into the area. An original soundscape intensifies the experiential environment for the audience.

Within whichever skin we reside, what would it mean to physically carry one’s personal material responsibility for this world? What if each day we had to bear ecological fragilities to be made aware of them? This project places the power back in the hands of the conscious individual, encouraging the viewer to step forward and be counted as an important part of a collective solution.

To learn more about the creation process click here to view the image blog