wood border

Present Matter (2018)

There is polarity in everything we do – most create the bulk of our lived experience in-between these extremes. Knowing begins with our awareness of the shift between these two points, in the stillness where we can hear the quiet voice of our own truth.
Such as the space between the in and out breath, where there is both nothing and everything; a place of no-thingness that also contains the full potential of creation.
This installation and body of work is an invitation to take time to centre oneself in the heart, to notice what is felt, and to let go of the imperative to think.

Made in response to Handshake 4 groups exhibition theme Polarity, the artists explore the opposing and complementary powers of light and dark by employing considered lighting and display techniques.
These jewellers exhibit work that questions the essential dualities within all of us. Two polarised rooms at the Corban Arts Estate presented these ideas