wood border

Curiosity Box

Current obsession with making.
Sporadically updated with a new work.

Rewarewa burr ring 2019

Loved working with the natural features of this timber to capture some of its dynamic energy

Fingers Annual Group show 2018

Flying Fuck brooch; Coral, resin, stg. silver, stainless steel

Alumini Update Exhibition 2017, Fingers Gallery.
Perpetuum Pendant and 
Monophonic Brooch Diptych

Rewarewa, Sumner stone (Limestone), muka fibre, cotton, stg. silver.

Image courtesy of Fingers Gallery

The Society necklace

Sometimes do you ever feel like you are chasing your tail like a dog, going around in circles and getting nowhere? Work. Pay bills. Money never seems to stretch far enough. Survive. Consume. Repeat the cycle...

This kinetic necklace is made for expressing those frustrating moments of entrapment with dignity.

Handcrafted from reclaimed Lignum Vitae and stg. silver, complete with a spring catch modelled on the faithful dog leash clip.

Woof ;)

Emergence II

New remake, this time in Zebrano and brass,
along with Lapis Lazuli and fine silver.

Contemporary rings