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  • Sustainability Within the Visual Arts field trip 2015
    Two Hungry Creek Art and Craft School mates venture south to the Dunedin School of Art's annual trip and workshops for the week
  • The Way of Matter at Objectspace Gallery 2016
    An emerging practice exhibition that "...explores the tension and connection that exists between material making processes and the conceptual elements that might underpin artistic practice. The show aims to provide a one-of-a-kind national overview of new practice drawn from the fields of contemporary art, craft, applied art and design."
  • Polarity thoughts and talks
    Peter Deckers requested that I make my small intro talk from our opening into a blog for the Handshake website... so here it is. I will be sharing a few ideas with you on Polarity: the meeting of opposites; two forces, opposing yet mutually interdependent. It’s all real, and it’s all a dream. All natural forces flow between two …