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Sphere (2014)

Sphere is connected by a common concern with global environmental, ethical and social issues and exploring ideas around sustainability, both material and cultural, excess and consumerism, while also considering ethical use of materials and making. Beautifully hand-constructed and conceived pieces of jewellery, in which the artists challenge convention by using materials that are not ordinarily associated with jewellery.

Inspired by philosophies of the Arts and Crafts movement, I strive to innovate within a contemporary context by considering the interplay between natural materials. Through careful selection of materials, I endeavour to impart in my work the power and wisdom I believe natural materials draw from the earth, such as the ancient energy of swamp Kauri, volcanic stones and other precious materials. I strive to produce quality pieces that reflect the quality of nature’s gifts, and allude to nature’s totality by utilising contrasting materials, which in actuality harmoniously interconnect and blend.

My work gives voice to my passion for earth movements and the quest for protection of the land and its animal inhabitants. Studies of Pacific warrior adornment inspired my Earth Army protest pieces, and from this stems these works, which are a more figurative play on materials with symbolic animal totem connotations.