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Four Corners of Infinity

Commission for founder of Popup business school Aotearoa. Challenged my sister (plant alchemist) and I to create aromatic cufflinks for him

Disruption wedding ring - Plastic and Ponamu. 2019

My client lost his original gold and platinum wedding ring, and as a passionate environmentalist and tertiary educator looking to find solutions to the abundance of plastic in our oceans, he decided he wanted to replace it with something that would be a talking point and as he put it, create a disruption.

He collected plastic off the beach near where he lived and gave it to me to somehow combine with  NZ greenstone (which he had always wanted in a ring). I decided to slightly melt (with an iron) and flatten the plastic before layering the plastics together and encasing them in resin.

This brief required 3 rings to be created in total, one from greenstone, one from the plastic and resin, and the internal one from silver. This kind of project is what I get excited about because this sort of concept and problem solving challenge is what art school has trained us for and what I thrive on!

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This is an example of another bespoke piece made in 2016.

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