wood border

The Great Ecological Divide (2015)

My continued concern with the perceived separation between the self and the environment has resulted in a body of work that investigates 'The Great Ecological Divide'.

The division is subtly alluded to by the harmonising of contrasting materials, into an object of wholeness. These rings are an exploration into the joining of my favoured materials: wood, stone and metal. While the combinations of materials are carefully orchestrated so they are in agreement with each other, there is a permission for the materials to have the freedom of their own voice, to sing their own tune. The experience of working with organic materials means the manifestation of the piece is not always controlled or planned, serendipity is mostly given gravity and the relationship between artist and material becomes more of a co-creation.

The display of this body of work is integral to the actual idea and pieces themselves. The metaphorical 'forest' of display structures is arranged so that engagement and immersion with the whole work is inevitable. To view the works, people will have to change stances and move amongst work in specific ways. The idea of the perceived disconnect between self and nature is explored by inviting the viewer to become a participant within the works, not merely an observer and outsider.