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Nelson Jewellery Week Bollard exhibition (2023)

A jewellery artist's version on the wider impacts and differences between restrictions and freedoms.
On bollards around Nelson CBD during Nelson Jewellery week 13th -23rd April

Design in collarboration with photographer Di Mackey.

The chains that bind

The chains, so powerfully bound around the neck, could act as an invitation for the viewer to turn their attention inwards; to question what chains bind them...
Do they have freedom to choose or speak freely; at a family level, in their work, in public?
And if they perceive any lack of freedom, to ask themselves, how does that lack come about.
Is it within them, or is it imposed upon them... via cultural limitations, a lack of freedom in public life, or a narrative that acts in the same way as a chain.
The chains that bind can be as fine as a love that comes with expectations; to those impositions and limits invented by an autocratic government, employer or institution.

Exert on the design from a speech Mandela made to the International Press Institute Congress shortly before winning the 1994 election.